Thursday, July 24, 2008

Food = Marybrown

I been wanting to try the Marrybrown in Metropoint Kajang for a very long time, ever since Josh did his review in the Shah Alam branch. So I decided to go here for dinner

It was just a small Marybrown franchise with just two counters to place our orders.

See Josh we got not one swing but 4 swing chairs :D

I was not so excited by the food because it tasted just normal and okay.

I wish the chicken was more flavourful it tasted like any regular friend chicken, however the nugget was much more flavourful. I was looking for the coleslaw that Josh had at Shah Alam, but it seem they don't have it anymore here. Overall at least Marybrown is different from the KFC and Mc Donald's I go to often. Yup that is about the only good comment I can make about its food. Still I am thinking of giving it a second chance, I wonder what the burgers would taste like. We had fun chatting till metropoint was closed :)

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