Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Close..

I think from now on I need to use my compact camera to take pictures, as bulky as it is, the pictures are so much nicer. However the availability of my cell phone to go everywhere I go is something my compact camera can never do :D

My table is always forever messy, ALWAYS. I clean it up only for it to get messy again. Everyday after lab, I would empty my loose change and just dump it in this egg container that you get during weddings. Last month, I accumulated so much coins, I got around RM 150 in change.

Coffee and laptop. Two things a grad student can never live without :p. I can live without coffee, I am not that addicted to it, but then I take at least 2 cups a day :p. My laptop is another story, this is my life and soul for the 2 years of doing post graduate study. My work, my music, my games, my pictures and my po..... urmm.. portraits... :D is kept inside here. Whenever there is too much of it, I will burn it to a DVD and then completely forget I even had them. Also important to burn my research on DVD just in case, god forbid, something happened to my laptop.

Hmm ether, I read somewhere (actually I watched it on TV) that is was used as anaesthesia for operation during the old days. I used this to put my mice to sleep so that I could do work on them. My work uses a lot of needle, contaminated needles so they need to be thrown in the sharp bin.

This is part of an ovitrap, a larvae catching contraption to capture mosquito eggs that lay on it. My two lab mates are doing this for their master research but the new guy is doing molecular work on it. I could smell the paint the used to paint the container black (mosquitoes loves dark places to lay their eggs) and the dettol they used to disinfect the ovitrap.

Ria = Happy :D. My silver elephant, aka the MPV. I think its Malaysia's first real MPV(Rusa and Juara does not count okay ). This American size MPV is a clone from Kia Carnival which is also sold in the UK and US. This humongous MPV with its humongous engine makes carrying 7 people and travelling at 13o km on the highway (with the RPM barely touching 3000rpm) a piece of cake. I been driving it a lot since sometime my mother needs the 190e car to go to Kajang. This silver elephant is not only long and wide but the turning radius is comparable to a lorry.

You need extra skill maneuvering this humongous MPV. So far I am used to it, people don't believe that this MPV is very very easy to handle, the steering, the brakes, and accelerator pedal are as light as those on a Myvi. One of the best memories of driving this MPV is my mother trusting me to drive her and my sister to Perak and then driving Abg Bear, Abg Shah, Arel, Hamdi and Hairie to Arel's Red Night at Riverview. It was like driving a MPV full of children even though I was the youngest one in the group :p. If you drive all week long, getting someone else to drive you is like a bliss, so they all had frocklingly good time in the big comfy seats while I take charge of the open road. Sometimes it reminds me of my kindergarten years where we would take a van to our kindergarten. Full of kids just laughing and gigling all the way to and back from kindergarten :D.

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