Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From Morning To Evening

I slept quite late last night, at around 2 am so I need my caffeine fix :p. As we all know Monday was the day of the debate every one in Malaysia talks about. I am not going to elaborate it because you can read it anywhere on the media. Anyways I really did not pay attention to it because I was busy watching Sinderella (huhu damn series got me stuck to it :p). Anyways Hairie and I had a long phone call and chat about the debate (well actually he gave his point of view on the whole thing, who needs to watch it when you have friends like these that can summarize and tell you all the key points that we need to know :p). It was definitely refreshing when he told me those in oil and gas, education, government servants and health are almost recession proof. Those working in construction and retail are going to suffer the most. Quite true actually because I read a lot about the US increase of petrol (the news was on the Yahoo webpage, irresistible to ignore) Many company, factories are cutting cost by shutting down or releasing workers. If it does happened to Malaysia, its going to be one sad Raya.

I followed my lab mate today, in doing his RA work. I wanted to help him out going to the location of his studies. Besides, I never went to the place he does his research so I wanted to just jalan2 :p

Its a tiring job going up and down 4 flights of stairs and 4 different stairs. Gosh suddenly cramming my head in molecular work sounds easy :p

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