Sunday, July 13, 2008

Inah, Myself and Soho

Its has been a LONG time since I went out with Inah, the last time I met her is when she came to UPM to bind her thesis. We argued from the moment we chatted at YM till she drove to my house and myself in the car, on where we wanted to go for dinner. We both finally settled for dinner at Soho, a Thai like restaurant.

I had the ice lime tea while Inah had the Syrup Soho. The syrup was bitter and tasted bad, so she opted for plain water instead.

We ordered batter dip fried calamari and Manggo Salad. Both are delicious but not special

Inah ordered the steam siakap with lime. I thought it tasted fantastic because I love sour type dishes, but Inah said the ones in Riverview tasted better :p.

Other than that we ordered Tom Yam Perahu Pecah. Its basically seafood tom yam with crab, fish, shrimp and "lala". The Tom Yam itself is very nice and felt like each spice was blended in just nicely. Sorry for the lack of the Tom Yam picture because we were so busy chatting and eating, all I got to take is the collateral damaged of our table after our dinner :D.

It was nice to just sit down with her and just chat about everything under the sun. Is it weird that we only met twice but we could just chat like we have known each other for years. I guess that is the unique features of blogging, although we never or rarely meet our blogger friends, but once we met them, it felt like we known them for a long time. Blogging rules :D

If you want to go to Soho, from the Silk Highway take the exit to Bandar Baru Bangi and on your left is a Shell petrol station (it could be others.. I forgot :D) just exit into the station. The restaurant is located right next to it along with 2 more restaurants.

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