Monday, July 21, 2008

Lab Work...... Not Mine :p

I am tired of posting my work and butchering of my mice, so its a nice change to see my friend doing his work for change. Remember the ovitrap in the previous post. Well after we pick them up, we poured the trap and water inside plastic containers and let the mosquito larvae hatched from the eggs. Noticed the all bling hand of our lab technician checking out if any larvae has hatched or not.
This is actually the first time for me to see the larvae this much this close. They look like a bunch of worm :D. If I am not mistaken you can differentiate the each species of the mosquito by looking at their posterior end (the "end" of its end???)

My dear friend had to count each of the larvae from each ovitrap to estimate how many mosquitoes that would be present if the larvae is permitted to go through its life cycle. Well at least he does not have to count it under a microscope using a special slide and some calculation :p.

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