Monday, July 28, 2008

Special Number

Can some one tell me what the hell is a special number? is there a book i should be reading about regarding what number are special? are there popular number and are their number with the lowest caste? is there a number we should avoid?

after a long day today, i went and paid the deposit for my car and needed to get a registration number. my MOTHER wanted a special number, she requested for 343 or some other so called SPECIAL number. A pretty number (nombor cantek), I was clueless on what she meant by it, so I was like yah okay

When we got to our turn at JPJ Wangsa Maju. yes i drove all the way from serdang to wangsa maju... because we bought a car from our aunt there. so when its our turn, the number 343 was taken so i decided 4343, that is also taken, so i decided to go with 4346, because my naza is 343, my mercedes is 348, for me I think it would be nice to go with 4346, because the last 3 digit kinda match with the other.

Guess what, my mom was like, that is not a special number, that is a normal number, why on earth did you get a plain number like that... I WAS LIKE MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!! you think aaah driving all the way to wangsa maju which i have not been for 8 years is fun ah!!, YOU THINK I LIKE TO SPEND HALF MY DAY ON THE ROAD, YOU THINK I LIKE SKIPPING MY WHOLE LAB DAY FOR THIS AH..THIS HAS TO BE THE DUMBEST THING EVER!!!!

watever lah ma, malas nak layan...lantak lah.. esok aku pegi gi wangsa maju AGAIN to naik MOTOR because parking is next to impossible at JPJ wangsa maju, GEE tHANKS MA!! beli kat makcik yg duduk jauh kat sana semata2 nak tolong family!! BUllshit, dah lah keta kat 7 minggu tak dapat.. kena pi jauh2.. menyusahkan jiwa jaa!!! WE COULD GET THE CHEAPASS 660cc car
but noooooo tak de kelas, manual leceh, tayar kecik, AAAAH PASTU SAPA BAYAR, MA AND BAH BAYAR KAAAAN pastu nanti, senang le nak ungkit kaaaaaaan... kereta di beli parents

menyampah!!!! aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!
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