Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Hairie and I went to the premier showing of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army at the Pavillion, our favourite choice of cinema. I got the tiket early via their phone reservation so I don't have to worry about the availabilty of the tickets. Uniquely the 9.00 pm ticket was sold out, but I took the 7.15 pm ticket because I do not want to return home late today.

They actually have Hellboy 1 shown in Malaysia, but for some reason in Malaysia they changed the titled to Super Sapiens. I never watched the first film but I had some idea of the characters in the movie. You can always find the details at other website and film reviews. We have the main character whose nick name is Red, who has super strength, resistant to fire and has a granite like fist on his left hand. His girlfriend looks normal but she has the ability to generate flame all over her body and can even cause an explosion. Since Red (Hellboy) is flame resistant they make a great couple. Their Blue friend is an aquatic like human which is also an empath, meaning he can feel what other people are feeling by opening up his webbed palm. Hellboy and his friends had to stop this really pale guy with platinum blonde hair from destroying the human race with his Golden Army. Well I am not going to spoil you the details, but I love this movie. Even if you haven't watched the first film, its not that hard to follow the story line as long you keep an open mind on everything. I like it that they are not so serious and kept just a cool chilled attitude to almost the whole part of the film. The fight scenes are great especially the fighting moves of the Legolas like platinum blond guy. The story is pretty light and they did do a good job telling the audience what is the Golden Army all about so you wont get lost in it. The cinematography was excellent I felt like I was playing one the RPG games such as Final Fantasy because the location and the various characters on screen. I hope the game based on this movie will be good to play too. Another highlight of this movie is the choice of songs, excellent and very cheerful with a mix of old and new songs. In the movie they highlight that there will be a 3rd Hellboy (which is not surprising really :D) so you can see each character developed further. However the makeup for Hellboy is not flexible, meaning his face is so stiff its as if Hellboy face was paralysed. Just like the make up for the monkeys in Mark Wallbergh The Planet of The Apes, stiff. That is my only bad comment for this film. A definite must watch if you like these kind of films.

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