Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Dyeing Change

Yes I know, my hair color SUCKED. I agree with that statement, but I can't just cut it off or dye it again. The week I had it done was the week petrol shot up to RM 2.70 okay, so I had to keep it because I could use the money to fix the hair, to fill up petrol for my car. Anyways the color was wrong for all the right reasons. I can't believe I failed Hair Colour 101 even though I studied it for the past 7 years.
Reasons why my color was BAD!
  1. Men should never change their hair more than 3 shades than their original hair color if they want to look "normal" for everyday settings. Unless you are a top model, stylist, fashion designer, a rockstar, a popstar or a porn star stick to 3 shades of your own color. I broke this rule by going 5 level/shades over my natural hair color.
  2. Malays have cool skin tones. Cool tones are such as mine, tawny (kuning langsat/yellowish brown) or olive brown (sawo matang). Cools tones means cool colours. If we choose cool colours we look brighter and livelier. Cool color includes ash shades (greyish color) such as ash brown, platinum blond (almost white blond), raven black (natural hair color of most malay), dark brown, purple and red (liptick red). These natural and vibrant colors are for those with cool skin tones. I made a mistake by getting a warm color. Mahogany and golden are warm colors. Only those with pinkish red skin, freckled skin, or just golden tanned skin can have these colors. When I (cool skin toned) chose a warm shade, it looks like as if I got an instant tan and made my face looked very dark and dull.
  3. Men usually don't wear red. My shade had a very strong red tint to it that only amplified with black hair because black hair receives red dye very well, in fact its easier to go red than to go brown with black hair. Red is usually very feminine that is why you see more red hair females than red hair guys. Most of the men will usually get their hair dyed darker.
So its time to go back to normal. I chose a shade that is very close to my hair which is a level 4 brown, which is only 1 level above my own hair color which is a level 3 black. Lesson that I have learned. Never follow a bunch of ladies to a salon and stay there for 8 hours. Its damaging to your mind and hair :p

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