Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tea Ceremony

I made my own tea ceremony event last Sunday, using the teas that the Bears gave me from their Cambodia trip a few months ago.

They gave me 4 bags of tea but I decided to try 2 of them which includes Kaffir Tea, which is Limau Purut.

Also, lemon grass tea or serai. These teas are loose tea leaves mixed with either the dried leaves, or flesh of the other ingredients made to add a bit of flavour to the tea.

This is what the loose tea looks like.

I bought this nifty tea strainer at IKEA that was perfect to mixed loose tea in a cup.

Forget traditional way of boiling hot water. I nuke my cup of hot water inside a microwave. Its lot faster boiling water inside a microwave, just 2 minutes on high.

The teas takes more time to infuse in water than regular tea bags, but it was worth the wait. I wanted to drink it without sugar, but its tasted bland to me. Just a teaspoon of sugar really allowed me to taste the Kaffir lime and the Lemon grass. This tea is great for making an exotic ice tea. Thanks to the Bears (Dr Shah, Abg Bear) to this wonderful gift. A good way to just relax, calm down and unwind :).

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