Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gel.. AGAIN!!!!

Yerrr, I am doing my gel electrophoresis again. I am still not satisfied with the previous one I did since the negative control also had a band. It supposed to be clear because I did not put any sampels in it.

Ok this might look off to some of you, but I took a picture of the camera so I can know which button to press. This is the camera to take pictures of the gel. Since the machine is against a wall, and the camera is tilted downwards, the buttons of the camera faces the wall. I got fed up feeling the camera so I decided to take a picture of it so I can know, which button turns on the camera or zooms in.

This is the picture of the gel under UV light on the computer screen. As you can see the third lane also has a band. It was supposed to be clear since it was the negative control. So right now I had to troubleshoot which step of the PCR experiment that got contaminated with the sample.

See the gel/agar-agar, with all the pretty purple and blue lines. Well the gel is carcinogenic so we need gloves to handle it. Full day for me, I managed to passage the T. gondii and the P. berghei into other mice. Hopefully tomorrow I can run PCR again and perhaps order everything else that is missing from my research. I just can't bear seeing my advisor empty handed.

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