Friday, July 18, 2008

William.. Again... Serious ah??

We eating at William again :p. There is no menu in William however if you want something special (expensive :p) there is a black board which all the special menu are written. However the common menu's are not written there so you have to either ask the waiter or waiteress or just look around and see what kind of dishes people are getting :D.

I wanted to try the triple H. which basically either a 3,4, or 5 layer of meat of chicken or beef ham and meat pieces wrapped with a fried egg, with homemade one thousand island and some white sour sauce.

I had this coffee mocha tiramisu thing. I forgotten what was the real name :p. It was really smooth and creamy. YUM!!!

One of us had the pesto pasta meatball carbonara.

Another had the Mee Raja Ayam Pandan. However tonight the noodle was to oily and a bit to spicy.

Who were we that went to William? Why my good friend Amad. Although we only recently met but I considered a good friend that is fun to hang around with :).

Hairie also was there with us, tinkering with Amad's camera.

This the collateral damaged after our feast at William :p. As Axim would say, nothing like dinner with friends to unwind the day since all three of us had a pretty tiring day. Ironically all three of us took power naps in the afternoon because we were so tired. Hmm kinda repetitive to eat at William when hanging out with friends. Maybe bowling and watching the new Dark Night movie at Midvalley would be activities all three of us could enjoy this coming weekend :D. I have to check their schedule and mine so that we would get together. Gosh there goes the so called diet, huhuhuhuh... where is my credit card.. I want look good like our good Dr Chen :D.

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