Monday, July 7, 2008

My Weekend

I had such a busy weekend. On Saturday I drove my sister back to Perak with the MPV almost half filled with her stuff, I mean we had to fold down the third row seat to accommodate all of her stuff.
On Sunday, my other sister's birthday party was to be held and as usual I had to help out, there was no option to back out.

This is her, in the middle, with the rest of the guest that came to our small party

I gave her the Hannah Montana 2 vs Miley Cyrus CD. Something many Disney Channel viewers are listening now.

The sole boy, other than myself that was present at the party was one of her classmate that gave my sister a pair of slippers that was fuzzy and had a rabbit on top. I though it was a cute gift and I wondered how he knows my sisters shoe size. One of my sisters friend was clearly and I mean CLEARLY jealous of his gift to my sister. This friend kept like screaming at this little boy, pinching him and mocking him. Gosh her jealousy was so fiery that I could not stop smiling at her own unique way of getting this boy affection. I mean this boy got lost 3 times before he finally found our house. It was cute that my sister was acting all cool and stuff while her friendswas literally screaming for attention. Ah... primary school love... :D

My older sister gave her a Monopoly Set, the boutique edition. Instead of real estates and hotels, you get to buy boutiques and salons. Very pink and girly

After the party my sister and my mom, wanted to go to Alamanda to buy some stuff. I tagged along so that I could get some stuff too :D. While they were looking for their stuff my youngest sister and I went to McD for some ice cream. Right now they have new olympic flavours, which is blueberry, lemon, chocolate, mocha, green apple and strawberry. Yummy indeed :D

Yup I managed to sneak a pair of suede shoes, canvas shoes and a sandal. They cost almost RM 350 but with sales up 70%, who can't help buying more. Beside I am not that picky with shoes and I am still not ready to buy those RM 500 shoes yet. Still not mentally ready to buy them :D
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