Friday, May 2, 2008

Talk about Burgers

The morning started quite terrible, I woke up feeling so hungry. Well who wouldn't if you slept on an empty stomach. Anyways after the over enthusiastic manual car was yesterday and skipping dinner (not because of diet, but there was no more dinner due to the fact I told my mum I was going out for dinner last night but plans had changed)
So I woke up feeling ferociously hungry I just need a quick juicy breakfast. So I decided to pop a beef patty in the toaster oven. Its a bit healthier since you don't use any extra oils. Oh bull crap, the only reason I threw it in this oven (we got it by collecting credit card points) because I could just let it cook by itself using the timer while I do something else, such reading blogs in the wee hours in the morning.

I had a so so lunch, but by dinner I was starved. I went to Pavillion with a friend for dinner and to watch Ironman, alas he could not make it. So instead of the food court, my stressful self craved for something and Carls Jr is the cure.

I love it because their all you can drink options are plenty compared to Burger King

Actually my mind was waiting for this.Chillie Cheese Beefy Fries, I have fallen in love with this method of serving fries 13 years ago when we were in the USA. While I could smell my friends chowing down these gooey spicy and salty goodness I had to deep my fries in Ketchup only. I mean Carls Jr got the recipe right since it smells exactly like the non halal ones in the USA.

I mean look at it, it made me forget a while about all the things been happening around me. Some I can control, some I cannot, some regarding with humans, some regarding with non humans, some which has to do with organic material and something pure mechanical. This Beefy Chilie Cheese Fries was a my friend, my bliss, my travel back in time to remember the good days I had. It was good it lasted but as it was digesting in my stomach reality sets back in.

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