Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian Part 2

Haha, I went to see this movie for the second time. This time I need to accompany my sister, I promise I take her to this movie. Plus she seen the first movie, so I could ask her some stuff that I don't get it in this movie. It would be helpful if you watched the first movie because some scenes can leave you a bit clueless. Such as why did Lucy complained her dress was long, or why is Peter tired acting like a child and why are the Minatour, Dwarves, Centaur, and forest animal were not so friendly with each other before. When I watched this movie again, I remember I did not like some parts of the movie, because it made me sick, not because it was bad or poorly directed. It just that I remember this one scene where all the Narnians were trapped and got slaughtered. They sacrifice themselves so others could get away. So sad :(. Another point I like to urmm point out, is the fight scene or the epic battle. I mean who care about half naked men jumping at each other, what about full armoured men fighting with dwarfs, griffin, centaurs, minotaurs, mice, badger, tigers, bears and lions oh my. I mean I was so immersed with the scene I have forgotten that this was such a cool scene. The CGI, actors in Suits and real actors fighting seamlessly. Something very worth a special effect awards. I think I am going the books. I know its a children book, but at least its something my younger sister can read to :)
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