Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ciss Kena Tag.

I got tagged by the Rubik obsessed, doggy owner wishing, Lancer(s) driver driving science teacher from Brunei, Rizal.
  • Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented
  • Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented
  • Name 3 Things I do not know about you
  • Name 5 Snacks you enjoy

Name 4 Things That Need to Be Invented

1. A pause button in life, I don't want to go back in time, no use changing the past, I want to control the present, because it shapes the future.

2. A cooler laptop, cool as in won't fry my sperms when using it on my laps or give me heat rashes while I type.

3. A cleaner and quieter diesel engine, because the current diesels engines are still to noisy and relatively polluting (high soot and Nox), owh what the hell, all I want is Malaysia to have small turbo diesel (small as in 1.5cc and below diesel capacity engine). Diesel provides better torque (that shove to the seat when you accelerate) and better fuel economy (20-30% better than petrol equivalent). Beside you can make diesel fuel from almost anything.

4. A reflective mirror, no not the type you use to check if you stomach or butt is getting bigger but a mirror to show your own true colours, whether green with envy, mad with rage or black with hate. Although we have friends for that, some times we just need to really see ourselves for what we are. A great way to see if that person is being truthful to you or not.

Name 4 Things That Should Have Not Been Invented

1. Spam, hated it, I don't care if that pill supposed to make my penis bigger, waist slimmer or make me rich by some law in Nigeria. I am proud of what god gave me and it works.

2. Bad Commercial, the reason for bad commercial is that if you hated the commercial you will remember it more often.

3. Two stroke engines, sure its simple to build and easy to maintain but try being behind these blue smoke monstrosities and you would agree too.

4. 5 inch heels, what in the crazy world name someone would wear this type of shoe, this high. You practically have to learn to walk again wearing this thing that women adores, and keep it car boots with their other boots. I just don't get it, walking in pain is considered elegant...

Name 3 things I Do Not Know about You

1. I can detect a contact lens wearing individual whether clear, tinted or coloured. If you wear coloured half of the time I would know what brand you are wearing and 1/3 of the time I would know what shade you have on. I got this during my obsession with coloured contacts lenses and other contacts. I wore amethyst, green, grey and brown. You can know that person is wearing a lens because their eyes shine a bit different from those not wearing any and the you can see the fine line around the iris where the contact lenses comes in contact with the eyes.

2. I like doing laundry and watch the clothes agitated in the washer. Especially front loading machine, where you can see the clothes tumble and turn themselves clean. Bliss comes in many form and one of it is the freshness and softness of clothes that have been dried in the sun or in the drier. Everything problem seem to go away with the scent of freshly washed clothes. I hated it when people come in with clothes stink like hell.

3. I have very very curly hair, I could grow an afro in 3 months but I keep it short because it drives me crazy. I also have a brief moment in my diploma and degree year where I straighten my afro hair and part it in the middle and sometime have it spiked like a porcupine. I was so obsessed with it I oncedr elaxed my hair (putting chemicals to turn curly hair into straight hair) 6 times, colour it 3 times and bleach it once. My hair turned into this broom like texture with reddish, yellowish , orange tinge to it. That is what happened when you try to do what the professionals do.

Name 5 snacks you enjoy

1.Chips, not Twisties, Pringles or those other Malaysian style of flavoured chips but the American variety such as Salt and Vinegar, Ranch, and Mesquite. Even the sour cream onion tasted different.

2. Ice cream, I scream for ice cream... Gellato, and Baskin Robbin, and New Zealand Ice cream oh my....

3. Fruit, I like those that you just can bite into without any peeling required, apples, grapes, pears, berries, prunes and such.

4. Chocolate, the nutty ones are what I am crazy about.

5. Candy Corn, its been so longs since I had them.. sigh..

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