Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sister Act 2 with Mother...

It was a busy day for me. I only managed to get to the lab at 3.30 pm today..

I had (or was forced to) to accompany my sister to the Perodua Servis in Bandar Teknologi Kajang to replace her rear shock absorber. We (me that is) was told by the guy who changed the tires last Sunday that the rear shocks were leaking and was not functioning as they should. You know what they were right, after we got it changed, the ride immediately improved.

Ooooh I never knew they have accessories catalogue for Myvi and Viva. Many cosmetic upgrades are available but I am interested in the Stereo system, as most Myvi drivers know that the standard stereo SUCKS!!!! but if we have it changed at Brother's or something our warranty might be voided. If you use the recommended ones (for now they used JVC and Pioneer system you can change the radio for the Myvi into a 2 din or a 1 did system. Definitely an eye opener for me.
The car was finished around 11 am. 3 hours of my life wasted on my Channel bag holding older sister. "Don't put my bag on the floor, it will get dirty" she said.. Bah...!!!

After that I HAD to accompany and show my sister where JPJ Bdr Sri Permaisuri is because she has to changed her license from P to a full license.

There were 30 people before us, so we had to wait and wait.

Just as I got home around 1.30 pm, my mother was ready for her field trip with her Surau friends to TV3 station. You know you are getting old when you mother is time for her to have BACK her social life instead of raising children all the time.

Ok right now I feel like the freaked out parent letting their children board a bus to a field trip. There has been so many cases where buses are involved in accidents, you can't just help feeling panicky. I had to take the plate number of this bus just in case something happens.

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