Monday, May 5, 2008

Dress Up Dress Down

I seriously just hate dressing up, I mean I hate ironing, I hate tucking in my shirt, but that is what men wear to office and how they look professionally. Even the above picture is not 100% office wear since I do not have to where a tie or long sleeve shrit. It just too much hassle but first impression is very important, so if I dressed professionally people will take me seriously. Don't like it, hate ironing, want to buy the same steamer thing that malimkundang has in Aussiland. ( I just noticed now that my whole clothes set up is in the same shade asthe floor, the mirror and the wall :p )

I just like to be in jeans, specs and a collar shirt. Heck I like barefooting it if possible.

I like this semi casual look (semi because I had contact lense on) during my sister convocation 3 years ago. All matching with pink with my youngest sister who is now tall up to my neck. It seems I always have like the best picture with her.

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