Friday, May 23, 2008


My mother wanted to try out this new food stall near Giant Jenaris, because my uncle recommends it.
The specialty of this place is the Steamed Rice (taste no difference with rice cooked with a rice cooker), Spiced Fried Chicken and Asam Pedas.
Each dish served with a salted egg, cucumber and this sambal

Also present was this, curry called Kerutup or something. Never heard of it before but I am familiar with this type of curry before.

The Assam Pedas was cooked in this claypot. Mother chose stingray as our fish in the dish. This Assam Pedas taste really good and is actually very pedas (spicy). Noticed I forgot to take many pictures because I was hungry and the food was great. Drinks are bad and good. Do not order the juice, very watered down. However do order the Assam Boi and Bandung Soda. Those who comes who lived in Johor knows that Bandun in Johor has Ice Cream Soda added to it, to give that fizzy and unique taste. Great place if you enjoy Assam Pedas

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