Friday, May 23, 2008


We had a little party held outside of our labs today. Labs as in the Microbiology and Parasitology lab. It was also a surprise party for one of the RA next door. Poor girl she does not know we did this for her :D

We had spaghetti, Laksa, Popiah, Curry puff, and other things. My lab technologist made the spicy but delicious laksa, and I think my lab mate, made the spaghetti, very nicely done although there was not enough of the sauce to go around.

Fruit, carbonated drink... two completely opposites of the nutrition table meet head on.

This? Oh this is not lunch, its a stubborn mice. Cranky little tramp (its a she) could not sit still, so I decided to............................... just drugged her with ether, so she will feel very groggy, but if I placed her in the ether jar for two long she will die. According to my calculation, she will die on Monday. Just a cruel viscous cycle I had to do weekly. Somebody has to do it okay..
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