Monday, May 19, 2008

Baked To Perfection

I have decided to be a housewife today.. Oh wait.. I was trained by my mother to be a housewife.... Anyways I decided to bake, I been buying this cake mix for a while and never around to bake it. So on this lovely Wesak Day, I decided to give it a go. Okay got my eggs (upon my discovery I saw a cicak (lizard) in the egg section of the fridge, still alive but not moving, the poor cold blooded thing was so cold it could not move.), my butter, water and cake mix. Damn easy to do baking which makes no sense why you could not just bake your own cake instead of buying it.

Just throw everything in and pray that it will mix :p. I used the ancient, I think as old if not older than me, electric mixer to mixed everything well.

I added some thing a bit extra to the mix, these balls, chocolate balls to be precise. These chocolate bars were not my family favourite because they are a bunch of nuts. Like most nuts, they crave for nuts. These chocolates balls are nut less. (Hmm I guess that makes me a total nutcase too..)

Aha I took it out of the oven, to let it cool down first. WTF!!! a rat took a knife and cut into my freshly baked caked. Grrrrrr!!! Where is that culprit, just as I was about to threw a complete fit, a voice chirped from behind. "Hmm the cake is cool already so I decided to have taste. Quite nice"..go figure, it was mummy dearest taking a small chunk out of my cake with a satisfied face. I guess other than being able to trust their child driving the car with them as the passenger, another point in their lives that they enjoy as parents is to be able to eat what their children bake or cooked for them without lying :D.

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