Monday, May 26, 2008

Yes, No, Maybe

I think the worst trait a person could have is being indecisive. I mean not knowing when to say yes or no is a waste on the mind and body. Imagine while pondering between yes and no, life goes by you while you are on idle. You can never take those time back. Why make life complicated when making a choice. Both have their pro and cons but if you it takes up a huge chunk of your life, now that is a problem.

I have this problem when I was doing my diploma and it turned out pretty bad. I had this bad excuse of saying "I don't know" when in fact it I was not sure. My friend pointed out that I kept saying this word a lot whenever there problem arises. I had to extend a semester but CGPA was just barely enough to get a diploma. Of course when people looked at my previous results most would callously say "Were you fooling around back then?". Yeah getting a 3rd class for a diploma is everyone's dream. Well that is in the past, and right now for each degree I that I obtained, it just gets better and better.

However I think this trait has sneaked up upon me slowly and it beginning to affect my every day decision, and like cancer it comes up strong. The indecisive bug was so bad even choosing where to go during lunch becomes an anxiety inducer. That is something really bad happening at this time of life especially when one is doing research and all. I have to nip this problem in the bud and just go for it. No more thinking of what to do, now I am just going to pick an option and just go with it. Good or bad, its a lot better than being left behind while still choosing A or B.
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