Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Blue Day??

Is it? A blue day?? Not really, I just happened to be snapping pictures of blue objects. My blue water bottle, my gosh, last time I had a water bottle was during primary/elementary school. I got it because I was kinda worried of reusing the water bottles that we get when buying water, They say those bottles are for one time usage, not for multiple usage. So might as well get something that is made to be used many times as long as I don't put it in the autoclave :D
I absolutely love this car especially with the huge wheel well that can fit in 20 inch wheels easily. However according to my judgment this driver is using 18 inch rims on 55 series tires. Which is quite nice. The original tires was 15 inch rim on 65 series tires which look very inadequate. What car is this? That looks like a low slung hatchback? Why, its the new Honda Stream MPV. Yup a 7 seater MPV. However the deceptive shape makes you forget its an MPV, very sporty compared to rivals, suchs Wish, Grand Livina, and Citra. They redesign the whole car, so that it sit lower to the road with out sacrificing space, in fact, they managed to make the car even more spacious even though its lower and shorter. Talk about engineering marvels from Honda :). I love this car so much, and I would get it if I had the budget.
I needed to transfer my peritoneal fluid and mice carcasses from the minus 80 Celsius fridge to the the minus 40 Celsius fridge, because students will be storing their serum tomorrow in the fridge. Well its about time for me to cut open the mice and store the organs in formalin.

Chicken?? Nope just the mice carcasses :D

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