Sunday, May 11, 2008

Go Speed Racer, Go

Yup Speed Racer another cartoon turned into movie by Hollywood. Soon it will be followed by Dragonball and Akira, two well known Japanese Manga. Speed is stared by Emile Hirsch a 23 year old actor who has played in movies such as Alpha Dogs and Lord of Downtown, movies I have not seen yet. (they have been out for quite sometime, its just I was not working back then to watch this amount of movie :D). His acting was great for the movie, defiantly a step up from the two dimensional character from the cartoon, I mean literally. I mean his face may be kinda stiff but his eyes is where he release all of his emotions, I mean I still do not know what colour is his eyes because they keep changing, which is kinda cool. You can really feel his sadness, anger and determination in the movie. I was kinda sceptical about him acting in this movie, nevertheless he did a pretty good job

Christina Ricci was like the perfect girl for Trixie. I mean she looks almost like the cartoon character, petite, big eyes, and pale flawless skin. However in the movie, she played a more proactive Trixie who flies helicopter and packs a good punch. Her bob was her real hair, and she cried a little because she never had it that short before. Christina kinda freak out because she thought she did terrible at auditions but I guess the director thinks otherwise. Most of you would remember, if you did watch the movie, this 28 year old girl played the homicidal, pale, dead serious Wednesday Adams in The Adams Family movie.

Matthew Fox, a well known actor on the series Lost (I dunno the series just never interested me) played Racer X, Speed Racer ultimate competitor. In the cartoon he was Speed Racer's long lost brother but it turned out differently in the movie. I think he has a deeper voice in this film and he looks good with hair instead of that bald look in the Lost series.

The Korean heartthrob Rain (also in Clear Shampoo for Men commercial) plays Taejo. I dunno why but I just cannot recalled this character when I was watching the cartoon series. Nevertheless I think his English is much better in the film. I bet he learns his line phonetically meaning he hears his translator say it and he repeats back. If I am not mistaken, his poster for the movie is shown in Asia since well he is well known here in Asia instead of America, although he did appear in Total Request Live, although majority of the Audience was Korean speaking Americans.

I love the movie, the race is shall I say a hybrid between drifting, snowboarding, skateboarding a half pipe and bobsledding or ice sledding because the cars not only drifts but its spin on tight corners. The movie is done on a Green Screen because it would probably be to expensive to recreate the Speed Racer world which is very colourful and vibrant which puts any neon city we have in the real world such as Las Vegas, Time Square New York and Tokyo Japan to shame. The moral of the story?

  1. Family is very important, you may have to sacrifice something to help them

  2. Just because everybody is doing it, it does not mean its right

  3. If you focus enough, you can reach your goals
While waiting for the movie to start, my friend and I went to have a drink at Glitter, no not the box office flop that Mariah Carey starred in, but the cafe outside GSC pavillion. I had this delicious Mocha Latte with this charming design on top :)
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