Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man and Audi

Yup I watched IronMan. I liked it a lot, the jokes were funny, Robert Downey Jr definitely fits the part. Gwenth Pathrow was not too shabby either. I give it a 5/5. Want more details go read other people blogs because they gave more detail to it, while I explained my favourite part of the movie, the cars. Movies has always been a way for the manufacturers to promote their vehicles. Men in Black 2 got the Mercedes E class, Jurassic Park 3 got the first Gen M Class, Sex in the City movie got the brand new Mercedes GLK, Chevorlet Corvette was in Transformers and Iron Man got the Audi collection.

This is the main character vehicle, the Audi R8, its a brand new model from Audi design to go head on with the likes of Lamborghini Galarado, Porsche Carrera and other brands. It has a V8 engine and All wheel drive, meaning all 4 wheels is driven by the engine, kinda like a Pajero.

This is the Q7 a large seven seater SUV. You can see this model at the climax of the film where Ironman was dragged down by it. It also has the V8 engine but detuned for more torque at lower revs. Plus you can get it this vehicle in Malaysia for a cool RM770K with out insurance.

This is the car Pepper drove later in the movie, its the A5 which is the couple/ 3 door version of the A6.

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