Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yup that is what I did on this fabulous labour day. Cuci or wash the car. Beside if I wash the car by hand, I can skip the treadmill. YAY!!!!

Ok two dirty cars that needed to be wash, my 190E and my sister's Myvi.

My two weapons of choice, a car wash liquid and tire cleaner.

As I was washing the car concurrently I can noticed many differences between this car. The age difference of these two cars is 13 years. I can see how the modern and cheaper Myvi has a smooth and thin body shell for a more aerodynamic, cheaper to make and easier to clean, but it leads to a hollow, rather unsturdy feel to the car. While the 190E has a chunky styling and body with its thick steel was the design of the time (this car was design in the mid 80s) is still strong and sturdy till today but its rugged surface makes its bit harder to clean. Even the 190e rims required you to use your finger to get the grime in the narrow space clean.

Oh what the heck, might as well was the Ria as well since I am already wet and I still have half a bucket of soapy water left.

Hmm clean cars and a MPV equals to a tired budlee but kinda happy because he can skip the treadmill. I thought I had plans on this labour day, alas my friends was not available for the time being. Oh well, that is ok, at least I can update my Myspace and Friendster, I have been neglecting it since I had this blog. Happy Labour day to those who are working :)

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