Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tires, Rims and Cars Oh My

On this fine Sunday, I decided to fill my time maintaining my sister's Myvi. Yes nothing like wasting my time tending after her car. After all after sending the Mercedes in and out of the shop, its only fair to send her Myvi as well.

The Myvi's front tires has gone bald and it needs to be align because it is unbalanced at high speed. The tires are relatively cheap since its not that big, around RM 145 per piece.

What's this? a blue car, in the nice shade of blue?

Why, its the Nissan Fairlady 350Z, a sports car from Nissan that gets back to old school basics of a sport car. Big engine in the front (3.5 liter displacement), rear wheel drive and a very capable body. Its been a favourite for most petrol heads around the world.

Nice interior for two and it has an automatic transmission with manual mode, first time I seen this car with this transmission. Perfect for that KL jam.

I love the Dubs. Dubs are slangs for 20 inch rims, you can always hear this term used in hip hop songs. It looks so nice and fits this car properly

Another sport car, the Subaru Impreza WRX. The owner had the front tire changed. This a sport car more usable in Malaysia. It only has a 2 liter engine, meaning the road tax is still reasonable, but with the aid of a turbocharger and intercooler, it bumps the power to at least 280 brake horsepower. This car has all wheel drive, with power going to all 4 wheel, kinda like a Pajero or a Land Rover. Instead of going to rough terrain, this car has excellent traction in wet, some say you can drive it in the rain as if you were driving it in the dry.

Interior is quite bland, because this was a family sedan but with the body strengthen to aid handling. However 5 people and their luggage can be quite comfortable with this car, if you can stand the hard sport suspension.

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