Monday, May 26, 2008

Workshop, again....

Yup of to the workshop again. I went to the workshop twice today with 2 different cars. Pick up the blue Mercedes to have the aircond fixed. Last time we only had the gas filled but there was a leak in the filter and the filter unit itself was busted, so another RM 230 flew away. I love this black rim with blue highlight. LOVE IT!!!. I want a black on black car. It means it has black metallic paint, dark black tint, with black rims. The rims must be like the ones above with blue highlight in it. I was my leather seat with blue highlights in the trim and also on my leather steering wheel and on my leather gear shift. I wan I wan.. in my future car. My OWN future car :D
Ah yes, the second car, the humongous silver elephant, the Silver Naza Ria. American style and size MPV for the Malaysian market. Very roomy, very smooth, very softly sprung ride. Anyways the bulb for the headlamp and fog lights was burnt so had to get them changed. The seat side moulding clip and bumper clip needs to be replaced since they were broken.

The workshop that I went to is an authorized Naza service center and also a tires rims shop. So the mechanic there had a chance to look at my tires and rims to see if he can cheat..urk ... do business with me. Well as it turns out, the rear tires is old and expired already. Even if you tires thread is still visible, over a period of time, the rubber will harden and the tire is prone to exploding. YIKES!!! need to change them then, besides the rear tires is already 5 years old. The front tires showed some alignment problems since the inside thread is worn out. To add salt to the wound of problems, the rims are cracked and prone to break sooner or later. My mother told me the rim had crack a 2 years ago. Sheesh now she tells me.. Hmm also the timing belt needs to be replaced... URGH!!! so much repairs, all at the same time, for all 3 cars in this house. I am the one who has to take it to shop. The Mercedes needs an oil change this Thursday and the engine is leaking.. WARGH!!!! Money seems to fly away... RM 3200 for the rims and tires, RM 1800 or the timing belt, RM 150 for the oil change for the Mercedes........Thank god I don't have to pay for this, I think for my budget, I can only afford a Viva 660cc since its cheap to buy and maintain.

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