Sunday, May 25, 2008

What to do when bored?

We play tic tact to, of course. My little cousin was being very whiny and clingy to his dad so out of boredom i invited him to play tic tac to in the sand. Sure enough after 20 games he was no longer clingy and whiny while I was ready to vomit tic tact to. Its such a simple game but after a while you get hypnotized by it and start to forget the basic strategies.
This is my atuk or granduncle. He is my mother youngest uncle, the little brother to her dad. If I am not mistaken he is one 4 people who still calls me by childhood nickname, which is 'boboi". Basically in every family on my dad side there will be always one son that will get that nickname. Usually only one of all the sons will get it but some family just called all their sons boboi. Sometimes in family gathering, when one aunts or grand uncle starts to yell "Boboi!", about half a dozen of cousins will turn around to the caller. I mean most of us grew up that childhood name, but still some people close to me still uses that nickname to me.
I had to fixed my PS2 because the laser is not working as well as it should and the spinner is no longer stable which causes my DVD to be badly scratched. Instead of paying RM 200 to get it fixed, the video game store game me a deal, to get a new unit for RM 300. Which is a great deal I think considering this will last another 3-4 years. Even the price of PS3 is slowly declining. Although according to tradition, my family only buys PS when they got shrinked.
See how small the PS2 unit is, even the controller is bigger. I am waiting for PS3, shrunken version to appear. Then as usually all the siblings (actually just me, my younger bro and youngest sister) will gather our money together and then my parents will pay the rest. Its been 5 years we have done this, I still don't think I have enough cash to cough out RM 1400 for a PS3. Still not making enough actually to pay that much of cash and still have enough to eat for the rest of the month.

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