Monday, May 12, 2008

Drive to Perak

We are going to pick up my sister stuff from Perak on Saturday. Yes we being my mom and youngest sister and her stuff only because she will be back on Monday because she has exams o Sunday. So we much check our engine for the long distance driving.

The Naza Ria/Kia Carnival engine has the history of engine failure most of it due to the Coolant and Oil getting mixed together. If the engine has problems, might as well take a half cut from other engines then fixing it. However in its 5th of 6th year of serving us, the engine has been doing fine. Its very comfortable driving and riding the Naza Ria since the ride is cushy, and the power for the large engine, (2500cc = RM 800 road tax) makes driving effortlessly

I asked my mum if she wanted to take the wheel, but her reply was "You drive lah, I have been waiting 25 years for you to drive"... Such a statement from dear mum.. I guess all that outing with bloggers to everywhere made her trust my driving ability. Heck I was swearing and swerving and avoiding lorries in Perak. I hate going behind them and I hate going behind slow underpowered cars behind them. I guess this shows I am an experienced driver :p

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