Monday, May 5, 2008

Ape kes?

I decided to make a sticker for my motorcycle since I have been using it often and I really don't want the pak guard in my hair questioning like am I a staff or student? What am I doing? Where is my sticker?. So I decided to just make a sticker so that they will be happy. Interestingly, I was not able to. The reason is that I have applied for a car sticker and that students can only have one or the other and not both.

So this motor cycle will be sticker free from now on. Hey I am just trying to follow the rule since my car has problems and I do want to save a little cash in petrol usage, alas they just want to make it complicated.

Why not right, because sometimes they don't pay any attention at all who is riding the motorcycle and going in and out of the campus. As long you are riding with the same sex, it should be okay

Maybe without the sticker, the pak guard will break away from the tedious and repetitious work of just observing vehicles entering and exiting the campus.

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