Monday, May 12, 2008

Pelembut Udara?

Pelembut udara?? Such a weird translation for Air Conditioning and if you translate Pelembut Udara into English you get Air Softener... How language can be manipulate like that is funny sometimes

My 190E aircond is not cool anymore so I had to send it to an aircond specialist in Sg Chua. At other places, they used this small cardboard with the gas inside of it to fill up the aircond gas, but this places uses something else.

A sophisticated machine thing. When I went to my regular aircond shop they said that they cannot fill in the gas, however with this machine they are able to.

A poke hear, a flash there, and voila my car is now cool. Makes dating so much easier when your date is not in a pool of sweat :p

Syarikat Eco in Sg Chua, near BP Station and a Veterinary Clinic. My mechanic recommended this place to me because they are experts and they know how to work with continental cars. We will see if this place is good or not. We are still not sure if the gas is leaking or if it just ran out.

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