Thursday, May 1, 2008

All I want is.....

I just got tagged by Miss Inah

List out 5 presents you wish for and the reason why.

1. I want a Mercedes A class because I like Mercedes and I love the MPV like A class without being labelled as a family carrier.

2. I want my own small apartment near KL, because I am lazy to clean a big house and I want to fill it up from wall to wall, floor to floor with IKEA stuff.\

3. I want an IKEA gift voucher because the reason for present number 2 :D

4. I want a flight ticket to Calgary Canada, its been 17 years since we been there when my dad was working there. I want to live in the same room at the same hotel we lived in 17 years ago if it is still there.

5. I want to be surrounded with positive people that can add to my happiness and teach me other things that textbook could not.
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