Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Things Gone From Bad to Awfully Worse

I am tired, I wanted to write so many things that happened instead I just try to keep it simple. This is a scene if my father was not in the picture.

Sister: eh my car got into accident
me: how? where? who?
sister: a man driving a Kelisa hit me from behind, near BP velodrom
me: so how? is he paying or going to report to police?
sister: i asked to pay me, he said he wants to pay only 150
me: okay lah, gi report police then
sister: come lah, accompany me
me: sure okay, i want mcD
sister: ye lah

then drive to the police report, lodge a report, give insurance details, take picture of the car, write a report, then have mcD drive through. a few days later insurance come, tgk kereta, then claim.

however.. my father was in the car when she called me, and he overheard what happened, and he willingly without anyone forcing him, to go to the scene of the crime to "save" my sister, and hell breaks loose. The situation became so long, that I don't think I could put a dialogue in. Here is a summary of what happens

Father comes, inspects the car, demands money to repair, Kelisa guy (KG) said he has no money, wants to report, father argues and argue with KG, i kept quiet and avoid eye contact with KG, father gets furious, KG looked pissed, father yells at us to take KG details, KG is so pissed off that he just wants to talk at the police station, we tried to follow KG, but father told us to go home right away. Father kept yelling and screaming in the car and almost hit my mother. Sister was yelling and screaming in the car, but I was driving. Father kept yelling and screaming more since the TnG card was in my possession since I went and reload it since it was low on credit. Sister cooled down after I kept quite and calm, while offering her a cool can of Coke Light. I had to find out where the police station, where they will report the accident. I Google Map, I called and called again till I ran out of credit. KG did not report the accident yet, probably went home to send his child that was in the car during time of accident. Now at 12pm the next day, I have to meet my sister at KLCC to go to make a police report during lunch at Tun HS Lee road.
So yes, this gone from bad to awfully worse, thanks to participation of my father. Btw I haven't written down, things that happened BEFORE this accident. He freak out because his coffee came late and that he got mad that I won't go to the counter and DEMAND a cup of coffee now, instead I ordered and waited for my turn.
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