Saturday, April 3, 2010

Subcompact/Mini/Supermini/Small/ Micro

I drive a Viva to my lab. Its a small city runabout that is thrifty on petrol, easy to park, and surprisingly roomy for its small size. Small cars are nice, they are very nimble and easy on the wallet. A small car is actually what 80% of us need, since most of us drive alone anyways. These are my list of my favorite small cars that are safe, efficient and damn cool looking

Volkswagen Polo, its basically a shrunken Volkswagen Golf, which is a really great car to begin with. It drives well, its very fuel efficient with a variety of turbo and supercharged petrol and diesel engine.

Toyota IQ, its a car about the size of the Smart car but it can fit 3 adults and 1 children in it. It is able to achieved 5 stars in NCAP safety rating.

The BMW Mini, the small car that people actually want. Its small but automotive journalist and enthusiast all over the world craves for its go cart handling that beats car 2 times it size.

Mazda 2, a hot little car that comes both in sedan and hatchback form. It follows the footstep of Mazda Miata where they try to make everything lighter and more connected to the driver.
The Honda Jazz, yup with a Joker face. This is a kinda cool paint job. Its a clever car with clever features such cinema style fold up seats or fuel tank located under the front seats.

Ford Fiesta, a highly popular supermini in Europe known for its ride and handling. Soon to be sold in Malaysia.

Fiat 500, many people will remember the original Fiat 500 and will smile back at this car. Unlike the original car with rear engine and suicide doors, this car has a front engine, normal doors and can fit 4 adults comfortably.

An Italian job, an Alfa Romeo Mito, this sexy turbocharged car is bound to turn heads everywhere. I even saw one at UPM!!. Its crazy!!!..
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