Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Life Sucks But Blogs Don't :)

Yeah, my life currently sucks, and I would nominate my self with the other people who feels that their life sucks too. We blog about our sucky lives and expect people to read it how sucks life feels. However during these sucky times, we bitch blog about our lives, we find that there are many blogs out their that cheer us up during our sucky time and makes everything all rights. These are new blogs that I am adding to my list that has not been updated since forever. Many of the blog links are not even active anymore. These are the blogs that I read now, they have something positive in life that I could read and that makes me positive. Or it just makes OMG WTF LOL ROTF LMAO

*it helps some of them do read my blog
**i finally know what kind of blog i produce (personal blog)
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