Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gatsby Street Fair at Times Square....Free Deodorant, Hair Gel, Hair Color, Shaving gel and Face Wash :D

Yup, the event that I blogged a while ago has already been done succesfully today.

What event? The Gatsby Fair event of course.

We were given a a goodie bag with shirts and fans. We needed the shirt and fans, it was hot and the free shirts, fans, and water at the water cooler was a savior.

There lots of game to choose from that you can get tickets that you can redeem for prizes. The games were free since this was an invited event. Fira is playing minature golf.

This the fishing deodorant game. Quite easy, won it everytime :D. Fira is fishing and showing the world the Gatsby website.

This was coconut bowling, loved the game, quite easy and silly.

The Gatsby wall, fit people can reach the top easily. Not fit people like me, can barely reach the second step. Not enough strength to climb it.

Fira gave her best shot too.

Bull riding anyone? Its looks harder that it is. I got bruises from riding this. When it bucked and roll, I was fine, but when it starts to spin around?I feel like I was in a centrifuge and got thrown off. Ouch!

Football anyone?

One of the FC for the events, I wonder how make for being here? Are they even Gatsby workers or are they Nuffnang workers? Or just temps..

Pop the baloon and ring on the deodorant spray was great!

This is Fira with another friend Ana, and Ana's sister. There was a lucky draw and Ana's younger sister got a RM 800 Canon Digital Cameral. So lucky!!

Although I did not get the lucky draw, I did return with RM 50 worth of toiletries. Not bad at all :)
It was definetly a fun day, although now the bruises are starting to reveal it self, nevertheless it was a fun event. Definetly makes me want to join some more Nuffnang activities :).

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