Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photogenic Shadow

I just had a haircut, and as usual, came whoring with my Blackberry 8310. I got my usual hair cut and my usual barber and took a relatively usual after picture. Somehow though I looked a bit different here. My eye brows, they look like they are connected in a huge curve that starts at the corner of my own eye. My friend said, what did I do to my eye brow. I told him, this was the exact same brow he saw me last week. The shadow and light must have created that weird line that made my eye brow endless. The sharp shape of the eye brow comes from my mother. We have the same eye brows, thick and points quite sharply. So sharp, if we don't smile, it as seemed we are angry.

This is the face that scares people off. Its my "I am not thinking of anything face". The corner of my lips drop down, my eyes misshapen, my cheeks drop and that sharp eye brow completes the mean and unfriendly look naturally.

This is when I feel a bit crazy. I have to open my eyes, raised my eye brows a litter, smile just a little bit to pull my cheeks up. I feel uncomfortable and crazy, but it ends up being a better face. This is the reason I hate taking photos when someone tells me to pose. I feel weird, that is why I love all my candid pictures. I look normal, refreshed and friendly. I guess that is why it turns people away when I feel comfortable. Comfortable = ugly uncomfortable angry bored face. Crazy uncomfortable = friendly, presentable comfortable face. So weird eh? some people look great no matter how they they adjust their face, I guess that is why some people are photogenic..

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