Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We used to live for 6 months in Canada when I was in Standard 1 or First Grade. My dad had training in Canada and his company allowed him to bring all of us along. We lived in two different hotel at our stay there. My younger brother was conceived in Malaysia but was born in Canada. In Canada was the first time I experienced snow and hail. You can see most of the windshield of the car was cracked as a result. There is just so many memories I have of Canada. This is one memory that I keep reminiscing from time to time
I remember riding in car and going to somewhere. I am not sure where, but I am sure it was somewhere my dad went each morning when I don't see him around. It was winter since I remember all of us being bundle up. My parent bought a stroller for my younger brother and we were wheeling him along with my older sister and my younger sister. We were lead into a building and then was shown to a room. It had a double door, I remember entering it and it was pitch dark. Suddenly, lights were on, there were people in the room. It was surprise party for my parents for my baby brother. It was kinda exciting for me and the rest of my siblings, we never had surprise birthday party. It was nice that each of us got our own little present.
I remember I got a toy car, it was those Hot Wheels cars. something I loved to have when I was little. I remember having this delicious vanilla cake with an even more delicious cake frosting. I think my sisters had some kind of stuff animals.
Anyhow, that is probably the closest thing I had to a surprise party, and that was the last one I had too. My birthday are usually celebrated with dinner with family now, none of the party stuff. It was special to me, even though it was not for me, but I get to participate it. Its definitely left a deep impression on me, I wish I could thank my dad's colleague who help to organize that event..20 years ago..
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