Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fresh Chicken

Yup, nothing like fresh chicken from the market. My mother stopped buying chicken from the hyper market and stick with the ones in wet market, since they slaughtered it on the same day. You can even see them process the chicken, so you know the quality that goes in it. Its funny that I take chicken for granted. I did not even know we ate skinless chicken all this while at home. Go figure eh. Even worse, sometimes I don't know how to reply their question when you go buy chicken..

Seller: Yes, dik, you want chicken?

Me: Yes, 3 of them please, no feet, no legs, no giblet, no liver, no head and no skin

Seller: How many parts do you want to cut them?

Me: huh?? parts? cut? how many?

Seller: Yes, how many

Me: *blank stare.

Seller: *stares..

Me: Err.. what do people usually ask?

Seller: 14

Me: okay..

I am not sure its either 12 or 14.. see I already forgotten about it. I probably just go to the hypermarket and just buy the pieces that have been cut. labelled and shrink wrapped.

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