Friday, April 30, 2010

A Lesson Worth Learning?

I was drilled by my supervisor on Electrotransblotting.. WTF..

I don't have any idea too..

What its was actually two different laboratory procedure. One of it is Polyacrylimide Gel (PAGE) Electrophoresis which is used to separate protein according to its size and weight, and Western Blotting, which is technique where you transfer the content of the PAGE Electrophoresis into a nitrocellulose paper or a similar paper (polyvinyl ???).

I had to sit through the whole thing when I finally figured out what was he was saying. This is as worse as going through with my genetic supervisor who has been waiting for weeks for me for my stop codon from my sequence.

I hate being stuck, I hate it, when I do remain stuck, other things in life seem more appealing, like the Internet or video games. I want an escape and escape from all this confusion. Seriously, to go direct to PhD after this? Oh my god. Why the heck did I worried about my so called relationship problem, I mean seriously. I plan to live and work till I am 100, 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. Heck if our Prophet Muhammad SAW, life as a prophet starts at 40. I am freaking out since my life is stuck at 26 in a student life living in my parents house under their rules.

Seriously, there has to be something better than bitching about life right? I want Internet through my Blackberry service back :(. You know how great it is to be able to Blog at the instant you have the idea. Its like a long Twitter post but a short blog without having the deal with the mass information about your friends Farmville on Facebook.

I want the Digi Smartphone service. Even though the EDGE coverage is limited (3G is even more limited), I live in those limited area like 90% of the time. It should work out better than getting a Celcom or Maxis plan.

However this happens only after I finished the thesis, in order to do so, I need to finished my report, in order to do that I need to explain how to produce recombinant, how to test the recombinant, how to immunize using the recombinant and how to measure the effectiveness.

And you wanna tell me I should diet and calm down... Go jump off a cliff!!!
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