Monday, May 3, 2010


Go figure..

I am going back into time. No, not like Marty Mc Fly kind of way in the Back to The Future Movies, but life in general. I used to be this homebody, a guy who stays at home almost all the time. The only time he goes out, is to buy groceries for him mum at the hypermarket or out with family. Most of the time he would just sit in front of the telly or in front of the laptop. Life? What life? No interactions with the outside world, no travels, no jalan2 around KL and Klang Valley. Just me and the family. Of course my family loves it, I am always there for them doing almost anything they want. I liked it too, since its pretty much what I do normally.

Then I start doing my Master’s, I started Blogging, and I started to become active in Social Networking Sites, I started to go out more often. Going out with friends, karaoking, watching movies, going to dinner parties, and so on. It was nice, it was fun. I get to see many sides of KL I never knew existed. I see people I never knew was there, I was doing somethings I never expected I would do. I had a life and I liked it. I liked it a lot. I had money to spend, I actually buy clothes without asking my family. I was looking good. I went to the gym.

Its not the same anymore, I am slowly but steadily going back to the place I started before. Back at home, almost all the time now. Maybe I am over reacting a bit? Well, even people are amazed that I stayed at home most of the time now “Hah, you are at home, on a weekend, something wrong?” I was kinda lazy, and I am pretty sure they don’t want to listen to the whole version. So the short version would be “Lazy lah, takde duit” Lazy? Me? of going out? Takde Duit? Well, if it was 2006 yeah, it was true but 2007, 2008. 2009 was not. It was life, I actually lived during that time. I did not know was dead before 2007, but I really felt alive in those 3 years after 2007.

Its 2010, and I feel like I am dying, or perhaps I am just reverting to my old self again. Maybe its for something good, a way I can really view how I handled my life before this. There has to be changes, major changes on how I deal with life. Maybe 2011 would better? Well, I got 7 more months to go. I guess we have to see it.
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