Friday, May 7, 2010

Anger Management

Anger is a normal part of everyone life. We have it, we process it and we discard it. We have to over come anger before it consumes us whole. The best way to deal with it, is by to deal it up front, confront the source of anger and deal with it. This way you can get closure and then discover the real source of the anger Another way to deal with anger is to talk about it to your friends. A good ear (or eyes if you chat) is always to just vent out all that anger. Most of the times you don't want a suggestion, instead you just want someone to agree with you. Afterwards you feel fine and get over the anger.

These two are the best kinds of anger management in my point of view. Too bad these two options are crossed out for me now. I am so angry, really angry at them. There is no point in confronting them, because they think that they have done nothing wrong and that rages me even more. I can't really discuss it with other people because they have no idea who, why, what, where and the ideals that is involve in theses issues that make me angry.

The first two options are two way communication options, where you can get feedback directly from people. However, since these two options are not available right now, we have to find another way to deal with the anger. One of my favourite things is music. There is always a music that tells your life story and how you felt that way. So what I do is crank the music up and call the rain to come. Yes, go karaoke, sing as loud as I can in the car, or just softly in the lab, or normally in the room. Another way that I do, is what you see me doing now. I write it down. The two passive solo activities does calm me down, and the good part is, I can do it anytime I want. When I had that Blackberry Internet Service, it was so much easier, because I could just whip the Blackberry out and just type my angers away.

To tell you the truth, the first two options is way much better, because you get feed back. Those options however, are not available. It sucks really bad, but I don't have a saying (pun intended) on this matter with them. They probably think is fine and A-Okay, but its not, and they will never know. Would I tell them though? It backfire on me and cause even more damage. Who knows, really.. all I know is, if I do talk about it, the reply would be "normal lah". How irritating it is to hear that..
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