Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post Grad Block

Something is bothering me? What is it? I wanted to finish so badly and deal with Dr S and Dr W for once and for all but something is holding me back and pushing me away from my goal. God (and practically everyone I know) knows I don't like my current situation now. However something is keeping me away. I want to kick that person out of me NOW, where is the correct stress, where is the insomnia that everybody seems to have. I get slower and sleepier with more responsibility now. Is there a rehab for procrastination? I would like to go there and pay them once I finish and get a job. It would be the best investment in the world. I have think deep and think hard. I had these problems before during my diploma years and my bachelor years, but I presevered. God knows, what the hell will be bothering me if I do my PhD? Come on dude.. finish up... and join society. This is going to be peanuts compared to working life.. will it?
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