Friday, May 7, 2010

No Alarm

I read in an article that we all need a good night sleep. However, the amount of sleep for each individual varies. So what they say, try to sleep without an alarm clock and see when does your body naturally wakes up. So I gave it a try since my air conditioner is set to turn it self off in the morning and I usually wake up when I feel warm.

The result, well, it was not really that of a success. I mean, I did wake up on my own, but that is only because I had a bad dream. I have this habit of going back to sleep to change the ending of the dream to fit my perspective.

What was the dream about? I took an English exam, and as usual I manage to finish it in 1/4 of the time. However toward the end of the exam and the dream I suppose, I open up the last page and I essay question. I literally freaked out and refuse to wake up because I wanted to finish the paper. I'll be damn if I get a B in English, even though its a dream. I manage to like complete about 1/2 page of the essay before I felt like, this is a complete waste of time and that this is not real.

When I did come to my senses, I remembered I did not set off my alarm and I really need to wake up now and go to the lab.

Too bad this can only happen in your slumber. I really wish I can wake up now..
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