Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Drop

You know how a good day could be hampered by the smallest things. Irritating isn't? Especially when you have no choice on it. Time will change it, I will go so far away, till you missed what I have been doing for all of you.

But yes, I did have a good night before, a very good night. Events could repeat themselves again, whether good or bad. As my friends would say it, keep it cool and keep your options open. I wish, one day could be the first day of the rest of ourlives, but I am not one of those lucky bastards.

That is why, I wrote down this blog. An open thought, although things would be much better with a RIM subscription for my BB, but alas, I must remember to write and write. I think that goes for thesis too.

Silly shithead, lots of silly shithead roaming all over in each of our lives. I wish I could chop them off, but I am afraid they would grow two more heads and annoy me even more. Some have the divine power backing their actions, some have financial power to make them right and some have the society backing up there rights.

Whatever, somethings you cannot change, somethings you just need to let go, leave and move on..

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