Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I can't get it out of my head.


yup soap..

but not just any soap, but hand made soap..

the ones that you can see people selling at downtown or in health stores..

this are homemade soaps..

what is it made of?

well basically oil, sodium hydroxide, water and fragrance..

after that, you can basically add anything your mind can think off that you think you want to lather on your skin...

In the Muslim Civilisation, when it was the most powerful force in the world, long long time ago, soap was very important because cleanliness is part of Islam itself. The knowledge of chemistry, olive oil and perfume, makes the soap in this region, one of the best in the world back then. Its make me wonder why some Middle Eastern people stink. It does not make sense to me.

Soap is all I could think about today and it kinda made me tired to anything else. Gulp!, like I need more things to distract me.

The soap they make are freaking cool with even more out of this world ingredients. Coffee, chocolate, apple, cinnamon, grass? anything you are willing to put on your skin, they will put it on the soap (meat???)

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