Friday, June 4, 2010

The Killers in One Utama

Another free ticket fron Nuffnangs. YEAY!!! :D. This time I will be watching The Killers, staring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. The story is quite simple.

Boy meets girl. Boy is a super spy, girl is girl who just got dumped by her geeky boyfriend

Boy and girl like each other, got married, became husband and wife live happily for 3 years

After 3 years, wife find out husband is a spy and there are assasins send out to kill him.

Wife decided to get in the action. Wife learned how to shoot a gun, steal a car and perhaps try to kill the assasins who are after her husband

Husband shoots all the assasins into pieces
The story line is quite simple and is very fun to watch. Its like watching Mr and Mrs Smith, except only Mr Smith is the spy and Mrs Smith is a clueless wife who suddenly gets pulled into action. Ashton and Katherine are as charming and funny as they can in this film and is what viewers expect. Lots of actions scene from Ashton, not to mention the akward and sexy scene in the elevator. I always have a soft spot for anyone acting geeky and weird when they see the person they like. One of my favourite line (Okay.. I'm gonna bathe in shame now). Besides I like Ashton and Katherine for being attractive, funny, akward people that I like. However, I am biased over romantic comedies/chick flicks, but like Mr and Mrs Smith, they combined action and romantic comedies together. So if you do want to bring your boyfriend or someone who hates romantic comedies, this is a good compromise since you get a bit of both worlds. However they still cannot beat Mr and Mrs Smith, but it still an enjoyable movie to watch
*I love the scene where Mr and Mrs Smith were in arm combat and when Mr Smith knocks Mrs Smith out and said "Whose your daddy?" then soon after that, Mrs Smith kicks Mr Smith to ground and reply "Whose your daddy now?". Its arousingly funny >:D

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