Thursday, June 3, 2010

I wanna Watch Toy Story 3D

Toy Story is coming out with its 3rd movie, called Toy Story 3, in 3D. 3D movies are definitely something worth spending extra to watch, because the depth sensation from the 3D glasses makes viewing more realistic. This is continuation of Toy Story 2, where Andy has grown up and going to college. He does not know what to do with the toys. Somehow the toys end up at a kindergarten. The original toys at the kindergarten first welcomed them but somehow something seemed not right when Woody and the Gang gets separated. Now Andy is looking for them and the Toys must find a way to go back to Andy.

There are many new characters in this film, however one of them caught my eye. Its this purple jelly octopus called Stretch. She (yup a She, I thought it was a He too) is voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, the women who won best Supporting Actress in the movie Ghost (remember that Clay vase making scene...)

You know what Stretch reminds me of?

Silly Putty is like this gooey but solid dough that will ooze it self into nooks an crannies while maitain high tension. (basically it will stretch a lot before it breaks) and perfect for making fake mucus. Other thing it reminded me is those, flat tomatoes that you see these people demonstrate at shopping malls that goes totally flat when you drop it, but it retains it shape after wards. I wanna get one soon :D

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