Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob

This is another contest from Nuffnangs that they do periodically to promote movies and stuff. So I decided to enter it and hope that I will get tickets too. They asked a question whether you like Edward or Jacob. So its basically are you Team Edward of Team Jacob.


You made the contest into “are you in Team Edward or Team Jacob”? T_T

this is girl biased!

*what to expect, this is a girls novel………………………………………………

Despite all the fascination or obssesion of Edward and Jacob, to be frank I find the vampire life much more interesting than a shape shifters life. Yes boys and girls Jacob is a shape shiter, they just conviniently change into a wolf, so in theory, they actually they can turn into some other animals, but their ancestors changed into wolves first, so each generation followed that choice.

Back to the point,

Yeah, I think being an immortal vampire with hard marble skin, increased strength, increased agility and becoming unrealisticly good looking is very cool. If you are in luck you might have special powers other vampires don’t such as Edwards emphatic powers which is basically being able to read people thoughts.

A vampire is cool, look how insanely rich they are since they live such long lives, they buy collectors item and sell it off. Sure we have that killing humans and drinking their blood, but come on, you can always choose to become a vegetarian and drink animal blood only. Besides in order to live in your own Coven, you do need to drink animal blood versus human blood, unless you are a Volturi.

Besides, if I was a vampire, I think Jane would be awesome as my mate. She is so evil and sadistic, its so attractive. Maggie from the Irish conven would cool too with her lie detector
I would love to be a vampire and have my own special ability. I would probably study a lot just like the Cullens do, I’ll have so many bachelor, master and PhD certificates, that it would crazy. All the time in the world to study and all the time to recreate your identity.

How could you not like being a vampire?

Besides, its actually easy to become Twilight vampire in real life

You just need a pair of Freshlook Colorblends in Honey for that I am vegetarian vampire look, wear those whitening mask to lightening your skin weekly, use Oil Of Olay Total Effects that has sparkles in them that makes your skin glimmers in the sun and drive the latest Volvos in the market. You can get all of these in Malaysia now. Both Volvo’s the silver C30 in the first movie and blac XC60 in the second movie is available in Malaysia.

Tell me how the heck are you going to turn into a werewolf? fur coats? wolf suits?

So I guess I am in Team Edward and I will tell Benjamin from the Egyptian coven and freeze, burn, bury or suffocate the wolves to death (Benjamin has the power to control Earth, Fire, Water and Air)

Go EDWARD aaaaaaah (screams and jumps like a girl)
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