Monday, June 7, 2010

FreshLook Illuminate Daily Disposable Lenses

My 3 days trial of Fresh Look Illuminate just arrived today at my house. This One Day Disposable lenses are made to be worn for one day before you throw it away. These lenses makes your black or dark brown eyes bigger and bolder. The diameter of the lenses is 13.8 mm with a base curve of 8.6. Since the diameter is quite small compared to FreshLook Colorblends (14.5) and even smaller compared to these Korean made, big eye lens (16mm). The small size is much more comfortable to wear in my point of view, but each to their own iris.

These lenses are said to me made for Asian eyes since the ring around it enhances the size of the iris a bit. You know, when you see babies, they have really big iris which makes them adorable

I haven't tried it yet, but I need a day that is suitable to wear this. This are not like my Softlens 38, which I can wear for more than 12 hours and use for 30 days, but these are One Day lenses. A friend of mine said that One Day lenses are drier compared to 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or monthly disposable lenses. So till the day I will wear it. The 3 day trial is over, but there is a 1 day trial lense with the chance to win RM500 weekely and 30 days worth of FreshLook Illuminates. Check out FreshLook website

*I should do more review of contact lenses, other than cars, this topic seemed to be popular for people in search engines.

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